The last 100 kilometers from Sarria to Santiago de Compostela.

The Primitive Way of the pilgrimage to Compostela was used by the first devotees, arriving from the nascent Asturian kingdom. It is, therefore, the first Jacobean itinerary, hence its current name. Take us in 5 stages, the first known Way towards Santiago, leaving the beautiful city of Lugo. Upon arriving in Santiago we guarantee that you will get Compostela.

Day 01:

Fátima – Lugo (Route in our private vehicle)
Our meeting point will be in Fátima – Rotunda Sul at 1:20 pm. Where we will leave towards Lugo. The estimated time of arrival in Lugo will be at 20h00m, where we will spend the night, in a Private Hostel.

Day 02:

Lugo – San Roman da Retorta (20Km)
The first stage of our Primitive Path, is essentially on asphalt, we will take two stretches of forest, which alone are worth walking through, either because of their natural beauty or because we feel very well why the name Primitive Path. We passed in some villages and churches, but it is in San Roman da Retorta that we find the final destination of our stage.

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Day 03:

San Roman da Retorta – Vila Mor (24 Km)
Today’s stage will take us to the beginning of the Way. Leaving San Roman da Retorta, we will travel the Way on the old Via Romana, passing through small villages, where we can see the main economic source of this region, the pastoralism. After passing to the village of As Seixas, we will climb to the highest peak of our Way reaching the top with 700 meters of altitude. Today’s stage ends in Vila Mor, where we then continue in our private vehicle, until the city of Melide where we will spend the night.

Day 04:

Vila Mor – Arzúa (20 Km)

Today we are going to finish the primitive path in Melide. We will return in our private vehicle to the place where we ended yesterday, Vila Mor. There are about 5km to Melide, which is a very famous place for its octopus, and certainly you do not want to miss this special delicacy. After passing through Boente, a small town with the spectacular church of Santiago de Boente, we will depart towards Arzúa where we can see the beautiful chapel of La Magdalena, built in the Gothic style and founded in the 19th century. XIX. Arzúa is also known for its famous and delicious cheese with a designation of origin and produced in this Galician city.

Day 05:

Arzúa – Pedrouzo (20 Km)

jToday we will leave for Pedrouzo, after leaving Arzúa and its famous cheeses, we will find many small villages like Salceda and Santa Irene, today will end in Pedrouzo, where we can attend mass in the Church of “Concha” where Priest bless all pilgrims who attend her.

Day 06:

Pedrouzo – Santiago (20Km) The day of emotion!

These 20 km that connect Pedrouzo to Santiago, make this stage the stage of consecration. After leaving Pedrouzo and going around Santiago Airport, we quickly arrived at Monte do Gozo, preceded by a huge straight line, the straight line of the Galician television station, in São Marcos. In Monte do Gozo, which is in itself one of the most emblematic places on the whole Way, due to its spectacular panoramic view of Santiago de Compostela, where from the monument to Pope John Paul II we can see our goal: the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela.

Day 07:

Free day in Santiago and return to Fátima

Free day in Santiago, where we recommend attending the Mass of the Pilgrim, in which if we have the opportunity we can still watch the Bota-fumeiro. You can take the opportunity to go to Compostela, visit the historic area full of monuments, squares and streets. You can see the market, where we can buy local products.After the visit and at the agreed time, we returned to Fátima.Where a new path for your life begins!


04 / Jul-10 / Jul
01 / Aug-07 / Aug
12 / Sep-18 / Set
24 / Oct-30 / Oct


310 € per person

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  • All breakfasts are included.
  • As well as snacks, bars, fruit, water, (small snacks) are included along and throughout the Way.
  • Lunch and dinner NOT included, and for dinner, it is possible to cook in the hostels, as they are equipped with a kitchen.
  • It is recommended to bring food for the first day.
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  • All overnight stays are included, it will be 6 nights in private hostels that we have carefully selected to make you feel at home.
  • The hostels are equipped with: Kitchen for free use, washing machine and dryer, Internet (Wi-Fi); bar and restaurant.
  • To sleep in hostels you need to bring a sleeping bag.
  • The hostels selected by us, are comfortable and will be a point of sharing experiences with other pilgrims who also spend the night there.
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THE Walk

You will walk at your own pace. The path is well signposted and you will not have to accompany anyone. We will have meeting points along the way with our support vehicle, roughly every 4 kilometers. The support car will have at your disposal: Snacks, bars, fruit and water, as well as ensuring that everything is fine with you. We also offer assistance for unexpected situations or simply to relieve any muscle pain and blisters on your feet that may arise. Do not worry that you are never alone on the way, and if for any reason you cannot keep walking, you can use our support vehicle until you wish or continue on the way the next day.

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Our journey begins in the city of Fátima with the meeting point scheduled on Saturday.

However, if you wish, we can pick you up at Lisbon Airport, Porto Airport, your home, in short, anywhere, just send us a message and we will try to get you all the details, as well as the additional cost of doing so.

Extra nights: if you want to stay a few more days in Santiago or Portugal, even if it is before or after making the journey, we are at your disposal to assist and we will be delighted to be able to help you in this whole process.

Camino de Santiago With Outmore includes:

  • Private support vehicle and all transfers
  • Overnight stays in private hostels
  • All breakfasts
  • Snacks, water, fruit and bars along the way
  • Logistical assistance along the way
  • Radio intercom
  • Stage program and cultural information
  • Vieira and pilgrim credential
  • Travel insurance during the tour
  • Surprise 
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