“The real journey of discovery is not looking for new landscapes, but having new eyes.”

Marcel Proust


Santiago – A lenda Cristã destaque
Santiago – The Christian legend 

According to the Bible, James Major was one of the first four disciples of Jesus Christ. The name Tiago derives from Jacob’s Latinization (in Hebrew) for lacobus. In Spanish and Portuguese the agglutination of Sant’Iago gave rise to Santiago, in French it is known as Saint Jacques and in English as Saint James.
According to Christian tradition, after the death of Christ and the dispersion of the Apostles around the world, Santiago went to preach in distant regions, spending some time trying to evangelize the Iberian Peninsula, especially in the region of Galicia…

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O que é o Caminho de Santiago destaque 1
What is the Camino de Santiago?

The Camino de Santiago is a journey made by pilgrims who flock to Santiago de Compostela to venerate the relics of the apostle Santiago Maior.
Since the 9th century, thousands of pilgrims have visited the supposed tomb found in the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, the pilgrimage was one of the most popular in medieval Europe, whose importance was only surpassed by Via Francigena (destined for Rome) and Jerusalem, full indulgence being granted to whoever did it. After several centuries relatively forgotten, it is in the 1980s that the popularity of the Way has grown substantially.
The Way has become a spiritual and cultural itinerary of the first order, which is covered by tens or hundreds of thousands of people every year. It was declared First European
Cultural Itinerary in 1987 and a World Heritage Site (in Spain in 1993 and France in 1998).
The Way is usually done on foot, but it can also be done by bicycle, on horseback, or even by donkey.

01 Porquê percorrer o Caminho de Santiago 1
Why take the Camino de Santiago?

Being from Fatima , which has one of the greatest Marian Shrines in the World as well as one of the places where thousands of pilgrims are received and received throughout the year, I had an enormous difficulty understanding the feeling of a pilgrim when he arrived in Fatima. So I went looking for a “route” that could also be a pilgrim. And that’s when I discovered the PATH OF SANTIAGO.

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