Outmore organizes and accompanies people on pilgrimages to Santiago de Compostela and Fátima, both on foot and by bicycle!
We work so that all people interested in making the way can do it safely and without fear of leaving alone on the way!
Outmore accompanies the person from his home or airport, we take all his material or his bicycle in the support vehicle, as well as all the organization of the logistics, overnight stays and food!
Outmore wants to tell everyone that the path is for everyone! We prove that all people can make their way!
Outmore is made up of people who are also pilgrims and nature lovers, who want to show that the Way can make each participant recognize that he is much stronger than what he thinks he is!
Outmore exists to respond to people’s desires, with Outmore the pilgrim only cares about walking or cycling, Outmore takes care of everything else!



Because we do a job that inspires us every day.
We hope to show you what is beautiful in our region.
And of course, you can have a little fun along the way!
Together, we will be able to live some fantastic experiences
We have already shown hundreds of people what is beautiful in Portugal, with the personalized TOURS we have for you.
We have already been able to walk with hundreds of friends in the middle of nature, with our cheerful WALKS.
We have already taken dozens of pilgrims to travel the mythical “EL CAMINO”, sharing the excitement of arriving in Santiago de Compostela.
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Outmore is a tourism company based in Fátima, specialized in promoting quality of life through outdoor activities.
Striving for friendliness, and focusing on those of the most tourist interests, we provide our customers with unforgettable days of comfort in the middle of nature, without having to worry about anything.
Since 2006 we have been organizing Tourist Tours in Portugal. There are more than 10 years of carrying, sheltering and fulfilling the dream of those who chose to go outdoors as a life option, and for those looking to discover the greatest pleasures that Portugal has to offer. Outmore is a company that is proud to be Portuguese. All this so that you always have the best in the area of ​​travel and adventure. Our concern is to ensure peace of mind when enjoying your leisure time. We organize events tailored to you, from a simple get-together with friends to pilgrimages to Santiago de Compostela taking the mythical Camino de Santiago with maximum support.
We are dedicated to the realization of Tourist Routes, and this is Outmore’s privileged resource. Our proposal is to offer itineraries that privilege direct contact with the nature and culture of the places visited, promoting social integration through culture, sport in nature and leisure. Our mission is to meet citizens’ demand for outdoor experiences with excellence, promoting environmental awareness and improving the quality of life. Outmore’s vision wants to act as a reference in the development and operation of ecotourism itineraries, guaranteeing the maximum safety and the minimum possible environmental impact.
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Outmore’s security policy has as its basic assumption the development of its activities and the provision of high quality services, following the guidelines of the environmental and safety legislation in force in the environment:
  • The commitment to continuous improvement of services provided based on our management program and strategic risk management decisions.
  • The adoption of the best practices enshrined in the segment, sharing with our friends and customers information pertinent to the risks involved and the degree of difficulty of the contracted itineraries.
  • Promoting conscious conduct in natural environments in order to make clients aware of the importance of adopting behaviors with minimal socio-environmental impact to the places visited..
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to bring a backpack?

We take your luggage from one accommodation to another in our support vehicle.
For the daily walk you only need a small backpack to take for example: personal documents, money, water, a camera, the credential, etc …

What happens if I can't walk more during the stage?

You will walk at your own pace and that is why it is important to “listen” to your own body. However, in all our paths you will have the support vehicle at your disposal for all your needs. If you don’t want to walk anymore for any reason, you can go in the vehicle and rest as you wish or stop walking for the rest of the day.

What type of accommodation do we stay in?

In all Caminhos we select for you, the best and most comfortable private Hostels, to mention that it is necessary to bring a sleeping bag. The beds will be a bunk bed in a shared dormitory. It will be at the Hostel that we will certainly live with other pilgrims, we certainly know that we will hear incredible stories of pilgrims from different countries.

Does the guide walk with us?

No, the guide does not walk with the group to allow you to walk on your own and at your own pace. During the stage there will be meeting points with the guide and the support vehicle.

Does the group walk together?

Each person will walk at their own pace, alone, with other pilgrims or with the rest of the group, you decide how best to continue walking. However, it is normal for the group to follow along or to see each other along the way, as well as other pilgrims.

Is there internet or Wi-Fi in the accommodation?

Most accommodations have internet access, and in all there will be free Wi-Fi. Up to 15 days before we start the journey, you will receive a list with all the details for the trip, including the hostels where there will be internet and Wi-Fi.

SANTIAGO PATH - in general

Who makes the way?

The Camino Santiago welcomes people of all religions, nationalities, ages and physical conditions. Anyone who wants to do the Way can do it. The main requirement is the spirit and the willingness to do so. All pilgrims who see the Way all see for a different reason. Our goal is to help you find what you are looking for in your own Path.

What is the Compostela “certificate”?

It is a document written in Latin, which certifies the completion of the pilgrimage to Santiago. To receive the Compostela it is necessary to travel the last 100km if you are on foot, or 200km if you are on a bicycle or horse. All of our paths have covered the last 100km so you will be entitled to your Compostela.

What is the Pilgrim's Credential?

The Pilgrim’s Credential is a document that is given to pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago, to certify that the pilgrim has traveled the minimum distance to be entitled to Compostela. In order to certify that the pilgrim traveled the Way properly, it is necessary to collect stamps in the Credential, with a minimum of 2 stamps per day. These stamps can be collected in Churches, Hostels, Restaurants, Bars etc … The credential is written in the city where we started the Way. In any of our Paths, the Pilgrim’s Credential is offered by us.

What are the main tips for doing the Way?

Physical preparation. The Camino de Santiago is not without difficulties. It is certain that, in principle, it is accessible to anyone, both for those who are used to walking as well as for those who are not. Either way, it is common sense that you should see your doctor to see if everything is okay with you.

Can't find the answer you wanted?

If you can’t find the answer you wanted, you can contact us via email marco@outmore.pt or fill out the form on the side. And as soon as possible we will answer your question.

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