Why take the Camino de Santiago?

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Being from Fatima , which has one of the greatest Marian Shrines in the World as well as one of the places where thousands of pilgrims are received and received throughout the year, I had an enormous difficulty understanding the feeling of a pilgrim when he arrived in Fatima.
So I went looking for a “route” that could also be a pilgrim. And that’s when I discovered the PATH OF SANTIAGO.

I started to discover the Way through searches on websites that talked about the Way and Santiago de Compostela .

When I realized that the Way was calling for me. I felt that I had to go through it, that I had to put on boots and follow the yellow arrows. And so the motivation for one day to realize that dream grew.

There are a few dozen different paths, but they all have the same destination, Santiago de Compostela.
For me the choice was quite obvious, as I am Portuguese, of course I could not have chosen but the Portuguese Way.

When you leave and leave everything when we go on an adventure like this towards the unknown of the path, we want to return differently, we want to return stronger … finally we want to return enchanted by the Way. And that is exactly what happens on the Way, we are being sucked in by the charm of the trails, the charm of the people and the charm of the stories and legends.

The Camino de Santiago is not just a weekend tour.
It requires some planning time, some physical preparation, some suffering, because the weather is not always pleasing, rain or heat too much, blisters on the feet, physical pain, different cultures, this makes the path a great challenge to overcome.

Finally, the Camino de Santiago is simply mythical.

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