Why are there so many “Caminho de Santiago” Routes?

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After the discovery of Santiago’s tomb, many people want to go to see the Apostle’s tomb. This fact led many pilgrims to travel the same roads. In turn, the pilgrims needed to sleep and have medical care, thus appearing the first overnight places, being almost always connected to the church.
In this way, and in order for pilgrims to somehow manage to reach Compostela safely, there was a need to start making signs along the route.
There was even that the Way did not pass through their land, because they said it could bring bad people to their properties.
Then volunteers began to emerge, through countless associations that began to mark the way so that it became “official”.
There are many official paths, and a number of variants, or alternatives to these main itineraries, but in a way the Path must always be the entire route that the pilgrim takes, whether the official or not.
The entire Camino de Santiago aims to reach Compostela.

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