The way Santiago did not go!

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Although it is called Camino de Santiago, this route does not belong to the history of this Christian saint, and he did not even see it, nor even Santiago was called! There are many pilgrims who want to follow the exact route that the apostle Santiago traveled throughout his life! The Portuguese translation closer to the original would be Jacó, who derived for Santiago but also for Jaime, Diogo and Tiago.
We can see some historical references of this important person in the gospels. He lived and died in Israel and was one of the 12 apostles chosen by Jesus.
Among them he stood out unconditionally together with João and Pedro and to differentiate him from the other Tiago Este is known as “Santiago the greatest”!
After the ascension of Jesus to heaven the apostle Santiago according to tradition came to the distant lands of Hispana to evangelize! One of the most famous sacred legends will have happened in Caesaraugusta (Zaragoza)! Since Santiago felt tired of evangelizing in these lands and with very little success, it would have seemed to Santiago in this city the Virgin Mary on a pillar to give him comfort, that day is celebrated today, on the 12th of October, a holiday known as the day of Our Lady of Pilar!
According to historical reports Santiago was brought to Jerusalem where he was arrested and beheaded! And according to history, the body of the Holy Apostle was brought by sea until he landed in today’s Galicia! So how does the Camino de Santiago come about?
The route is born as a pilgrimage route, a path that leads pilgrims from all over the world to the tomb of the Holy Apostle! The Camino is not even just a path, but countless routes called “Camino de Santiago”, that traverse Europe that unite so that all the paths take pilgrims to Compostela!
Since the tomb was discovered in the beginning of the 9th century, the routes have been filled with pilgrims with each passing year! So we know that there is not only one path, nor has it been traveled by Santiago! But there are many paths that take us to Santiago!

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